Chelvei’s Banana Leaf Rice

In the spirit of Diwali, we've decided on having Indian food to get into the festivities mood. It is all very exciting to see the colours and to feel the mood of celebration, and I figure that, what's better than having a treat of tasty curries and a meal on banana leaf?

Of course, when banana leaf rice is mentioned, mutton curry always comes to my mind. Out of convenience and due to the fact that any search of banana leaf rice elsewhere will probably starved me to the brink of death, we settled on our friendly neighbourhood banana leaf rice, Chelvei's Curry House.

I love Chelvei's mutton curry, Chelvei's prompt service and the fact that they are easily accessible. And they have very nice vegetables to go with as well. For today they have curried pumpkin, tumeric cabbages and spicy potatoes. We get two papadums each to complete the meal.

Putu mayams with shredded coconuts and gula Melaka for dessert. I am as happy as can be right now!