Vietnam Kitchen, Revisited

Right after my convocation ceremony DaddyS whisked us all off to Vietnam Kitchen for lunch, since BlurSis had never tasted Vietnam Kitchen dishes the last time we were here. With almost a dozen hungry family members and me who hasn't eaten the whole morning since 6 am waiting for lunch, we ordered the set meal different from what we ordered the last time.

First to arrive was this appetizer-ish dish, mango seafood salad on keropok. Very light and refreshing, although I prefer if they have more mangoes.

Stir fried mixed vegetables.

Brased chicken.

Fried fish, crunchy!

Prawn and pumpkin curry. This dish tasted very unique. Never really tasted anything like this before, but it was great with rice.

Tofu with minced meat sauce.

Easily my favourite dish, pig trotters. The braised sauce was light and tasty, a stark difference from Chinese style braised trotters, which are of stronger taste. Despite the milder flavour, the pork smell was not detectable, which is a good thing.

And last but not least, my second favourite, stuffed tomatoes! Just when I thought we were served tomatoes as it is, they weren't as simple as they look.

Filled with meaty minced beef and herbs.

All in all it was a pleasant meal with my family. Everyone was well fed and watered, and above all, happy.It was a great end for my convocation ceremony on that day.