Cut Fruits

cut fruit stall

It was very nostalgic seeing this ahpek managing his cut fruit stall in front of the stage in Jonker Street. He reminded me of my late grandparents, who used to peddle cut fruits in front of Cathay cinema almost half a century ago.

Back then, as I heard, cut fruit stalls sell snack and tidbits, alongside with fruits in front of the cinemas in the good old days. Traditionally these stalls sell pickled fruits, asambois, local fruits such as guava, pineapples, papaya and watermelon slices.

Cut fruit stalls nowadays cater for a much more exotic taste bud by including fruits such as dragonfruit, chokanan mangoes, umbra, ciku, kiwi, cherries, water chestnuts, cherry tomatoes and Korean pears. Some even sell steamed corns! They still sell asambois and pickled fruit though, which gives me the old school feeling. Asam powder and salt are provided if you want to enhance the taste of your cut fruit. Business is brisk because people nowadays prefer to have their fruits peeled and cut.