US Pizza's Double Tuesday Deal


US Pizza is another pizza place, not unlike Pizza Hut, Shakey's and Domino's. One thing I like about them is  their cheese toppings are generous.

And to top that off, buy-one-free-one US Pizza on Tuesdays.
garlic twist

They do offer set meals for two or four person. The set comes with garlic twist, barbecued wings and American ice tea.

They also have an extensive ala carte menu that consists of a variety of salad, soup and pastas to choose from.

peperoni pizza

Their choices of pizza is quite impressive, ranging from meat based pizzas to vegetarian pizzas. They also serve local flair pizzas, such as curry chicken, penang, tom yam and the likes. And then they have two choices of crust which I think one is coated with garlic sauce, and another is a super thin crust.

vegetarian pizza

Out of curiousity, we ordered this vegetarian pizza for once.

veg pizza

Vegetarian pizza actually taste good. Eggplants, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots and capsicum, I have no idea they blend together so well!

Ring for Free Delivery:

Melaka Raya Branch: (06)  288 1212
Bukit Beruang Branch: (06) 231 2828