Ikan Bakar Parameswara @ Umbai, Melaka

Situated a distance away from Malacca town is Umbai, which is known for their "medan ikan bakar", a group of stalls serving freshly caught seafood. This place opens after 5.30pm.

Located in the heart of a Malay fishing village, the scenery is very peaceful, with boats gently bobbing in the water as the tide flows. We walked through the wooden bridge and enjoyed the tangy sea breeze while waiting for the place to open for business, as we arrived early.

All the available seafood are displayed on the counters. Customers pick their desired seafood, and specify the cooking style. 

The dipping sauce, one of them made with cincaluk (fermented tiny shrimps) and the other, a sambal.

We went there for one purpose. Deepfried squid in batter, or in Malay, sotong goreng tepung. We ordered nothing else but sotong goreng tepung. Between the both of us, we had 1 whole kilogram (kg) of sotongs. So, that means 500g all for myself. The crunchy batter, the springy sotong, and the dipping sauce was well worth the drive here.

Aside from the sotong goreng tepung, they also have grilled fish and other seafood dishes to offer. They serve their dishes along with nasi lemak (coconut milk rice). Flavourful and fragrant with the smell of coconut milk, it is a must have. The food is halal.

We saw a beautiful rainbow on the way back. It was a wonderful meal. 

Ikan Bakar Parameswara
Medan Ikan Bakar,
Pangkalan Pernu,
Umbai 75460 Melaka
Telefon No : 012-3152301 ( En. Jalaludin)
013-6825718 ( En. Rahmat)