Baked Stingray and Sambal Four Angled Beans

It was days before Chinese New Year. BlurSis and I just arrive in our hometown, and we are on ourselves to find dinner. Fearing the price jack up and all that, we decided to play safe by visiting the neighbourhood hawker center, and once there, BlurSis started pimping this stall selling baked fish and stir fried vegetables, praising the food sky high.

four angled beans

I couldn't agree more. They were the best four angled beans stir fried with sambal that I've ever tasted! The tangy sambal flavour, the crunchy to the bite bean, and the serving on banana leaves gives the perfect texture, taste and aroma to the dish. To top that off, the beans were not tough to chew, unlike some places where the beans were tough to chew due to the incorporation of some old, tough beans along with the tender shoots.

baked stingray

Equally sinful were their baked stingray. Slathered in tangy, sourish and slightly spicy sauce very much like the Portuguese grilled fish sauce, this grilled fish is still juicy to the bite, and the sauce is just perfect to go with hot, fluffy white rice.