Grandma's Birthday Dinner @ Tai Chong

green chilli

My paternal grandma's birthday is always celebrate in our family whereby we will have a nice dinner with her. Since she was born around the lunar New Year, every new year without fail all of us will celebrate with her.

birthday noodles

Thank goodness the food was up to the par. Makes waiting more worthwhile. The dish above was the must have birthday noodles, which were egg noodles in thick gravy. The specialty of this noodle is that, the strands are all very long, and it symbolizes longevity.

pork knuckles

This is the pork knuckles with hou see and fatt choy.


The chicken dish. Fish paste were stuffed in between the chicken skin and flesh before deep frying, and those strands on top were deep fried Dahfa (lightweight fish flavoured strips)


Stirfried assorted mushrooms.


Mango kerabu fish. Seriously, this is the signature dish of the restaurant. Very nicely done.


Sambal asparagus. By this time I was stuffed full. Argh, I don't want to mull over the bad of being so hungry and so full in a short period of time.

Overall, it was a great dinner. The food was good and most of them were my favourite dish, especially the pork and the fish.