Shopping for Lap Mei (Waxed Meat) with Mommy

lap cheong

I have to confess that I am guilty of not knowing where does these waxed stuffs comes from.  So when  MommyC said she is going to get some waxed meat for Chinese New Year, I tagged along. Pictured above is the typical lap cheong that is used in Chinese cooking.

lap arp

Similarly, these waxed ducks are good to be eaten freshly steamed with arrowroot, served with rice.

lap yuk

These streaky bacon - like meat, I heard they called it lap yuk.

boneless lap arp

Boneless waxed ducks and lap cheongs.

assorted lap stuffs

More assorted waxed stuffs.

All these will make very nice lap mei fan, or waxed meat rice.


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