Modesto's - Bar-Pasta-Pizza-Party


My first Modesto's experience. We were in Centro and Modesto's looks interesting, so we walked in. Being a restaurant that also serves liquor, not unlike a pub, we are not too sure with the food, so we all went for the easy combo meal, which comes with either easy pizza that comes in a slice, or easy pasta, with a soup and soft drinks, all for RM16.90++. Prior to serving the meals, they also serve us with some chips, which is very nice. No idea what it was though.

mushroom soup

The mushroom soup.

onion soup

The French onion soup, and the onions are perfectly caramelized.


My minestrone.

salmon cream

 Salmon cream spaghetti.

salmon cream pasta
Another shot.


The pizza. Portion-wise, they are not too big, so big eaters might be disappointed.

the bar