Tuna Cheese Melts

tuna cheese melts

Being student, food are mostly simple and convenient. Instant noodles, canned food and bread are our staples most of the time. Any combination of those is something considered fancy. So this tuna cheese melts, as the name implied is nothing short of a fancy food for us.

Tuna Cheese Melts
French loaf, sliced 1cm thick and buttered
tuna flakes mixed with mayo and seasoned with salt and pepper

  1. Butter up the sliced bread and spread tuna evenly on top of the bread. 
  2. Arrange neatly on a baking pan. Repeat for all the slices of bread. 
  3. Spread on the cheese and and bake at 180C, until the cheese melts nicely.
  4. Best served with chili sauce