Seafood @ Portuguese Settlement, Malacca

Portuguese Settlement is one of the more famous seafood place in Malacca. Situated along the sea in Ujong Pasir, near to the town center, this place is a tourist magnet. Come weekends and the crowd is unbelievable. 

Horseshoe crab.

There are eight seafood restaurants linked together, along with some smaller stalls dotting the area selling drinks, snack and souvenirs. There a stall selling freshly barbecued seafood. They have scallops, oysters, and  horseshoe crabs.

Marmite crabs.

Salt baked crabs.

We will go for the crabs most of the time. Popular cooking style included Marmite crabs and salt baked crabs.

Also available are fresh scallops, cooked in garlic butter.

 No seafood meal is complete without our favourite sotong goreng tepung, a.k.a calamari a.k.a squid fritters.


Bamboo mussels.

Eggplants to go with sambal (not pictured)

Candlelit dining by the seaside while watching sunset.

The seafood are mostly fresh and the price is reasonable. A must eat place for visitors to Melaka.

Portuguese Settlement, 
Ujong Pasir,
75050 Melaka.