Malacca’s Famous Satay Celup at Ban Lee Siang

Satay celup is a unique steamboat style in Malacca. Literally translated as satay (referring to skewered food) dips, this delicacy features a huge pot of boiling satay gravy to cook food skewered on sticks with.   This is another Malacca "must try" delicacy. My first choice for satay celup is Ban Lee Siang, which is situated along Jalan Ong Kim Wee. Be prepared to wait on weekends and public holidays, as this is a favourite tourist spot as well. 

The boiling pot of luscious satay gravy used for cooking the skewered food strikes the correct balance of spiciness, sweetness, nuttiness and umami.  To enjoy this to the maximum, choose a skewered food that is good at soaking up garvy, such as bread and beancurd puffs.

There are a few notable satay celup shops scattered around the town. different restaurants feature different types of skewered food, ranging from raw pork and poultry to expensive seafood along with the typical fish and meat balls, fish cakes, sausages and assorted vegetables. Each skewers have different price range.

Dip, cook and eat!

Ban Lee Siang
45E, Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Melaka
Tel : 06-284 1935
Business Hour : 5.30pm till 12.30am
Off Day : Tuesday


  1. I tried so many satay celup in Melaka eg. Capitol, McQuek, Ong Kim Wee and Ban Lee Siang and they all taste bland and one of them, even “chao tah” (burnt smell), except for one new shop called Satay Celup Nyonya along Jln Merdeka (I think) with traffic heading towards Dataran Pahlawan.
    I heard they just opened a few months ago.
    Their sauce is a little tangy and it taste just great and I think it is the most unique over all the other satay celup shops. Go try and judge it for yourself ….
    and check out their website at

  2. Satay Celup, i like very much! too bad never got chance to eat at Capitol. Always so long queue. Went Ban Lee Siang instead but noticed they kept the same pot of sauce on the table after customer left for the next customers. Eww!
    Last weekend found one new satay celup shop somewhere near Melaka Raya shopping complex. Nyonya style. Sauce is slightly different from Ban Lee Siang and McQuek but quite nice.
    New shop, very clean and only cost RM0.50 per stick :o) compared to Capitol RM0.80.
    Next try ... besides the Famous chicken rice ball shop, can anyone recommend other nice chicken rice ball shop pls?

  3. Angie-Sure, I'll drop by to try when I have a chance.

    QQ-I think the shop you went might be the same as the one mentioned by Angie. It is true that they don't change the sauce pot, because the heat kills the germs, but we can't be sure. You can try those chicken rice balls shop along Jonkers. They are not bad, but try avoiding Famosa, as they are the worst. :)


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