Dragonfruit Farm @ ZenXin Organic Park

main entrance

This was my first trip to Kluang. The purpose of this trip is to visit Zen Xin Organic Farm.

dragonfruit farm

It was an educational experience. Good to know where our food comes from and how it is grown.

dragonfruit plantation

Aside from vegetables, Zen Xin Organic Farm also has a dragon fruit plantation. These small, short trees are dragonfruit trees.

dragonfruit flower

This is the dragonfruit flower buds. They only bloom at night.

unripe dragonfruit

When there's flower, there's fruit.

wrapped fruit

Ripening dragonfruit. Wrapped to protect the fruit from insects and preys.


We took a walk around the farm and its surrounding area. The place was huge and there were bicycles for rent, but we were contented with strolling within the vicinity under the shades. Zen Xin has an attached organic mart, restaurant and juice bar, alongside the farm. Tired and hungry visitors could rest and enjoy the farm fresh delicacies and quench their thirst with anti-oxidant packed organic fruit juices.

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Zenxin Organic Park - Zenxin Organic Farm‎
Jalan Batu Pahat
86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia


  1. every food that we eat should come from Organic Farming. i really get scared about those toxins coming from chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides. I only eat foods which are certified that they are organically grown

  2. I like this website. Thank you very much for sharing pictures and knowledge. I am very interested in Dragon fruits farming.


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