Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun

leaning clock tower of teluk intan

Being a Teluk Intanese born and bred, chee cheong fun is a staple food. I have never realized that there are different chee cheong fun out there that taste so different from those back at home. The first time I taste chee cheong fun outside my hometown, it was so different.

chee cheong fun

The two most popular types or variation of chee cheong fun sold in my hometown are these two:

  1. Chee cheong fun with with fillings consist of fried dried shrimps and turnip with sauce and spices. (The one with more dark spots in the picture)

  2. Chee cheong fun with crunchy fried dried shrimps fillings garnished with chopped spring onions. (The fairer one in the picture)

Both types are fairly popular, with the first variation served with pickled green chilies widely known as what outsiders called the "Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun". Both variations of chee cheong fun is good enough to eat on its own, although taste-wise, the former is more flavourful, whereas the latter is bland, and needs some sauce or gravy to go with. The popular gravy these chee cheong fun are served in included:
  1. Chilli sauce of hot sauce (lat jiu jeung or lat jeung)

  2. Sweet sauce (tim jeung)

  3. Mushroom gravy (tung ku chap)

  4. Curry gravy (kali chap)

Chee cheong fun with sauce and sprinkled toast sesame seed is mainly consumed for breakfast, whereas for supper, chee cheong fun is eaten as it is, freshly steamed.

Liew Kee at Jalan Hill (a small lane that joins Jalan Pasar and Jalan Bedamar) - takeaway only
Sam Siu Yeh at Jalan Sultan Abdullah - available for dine in