Shih Lin Taiwan Street Snacks


Shopping is made more fun with the existence of snack shops in shopping centres. Lately I've been eating as I run errands, and Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks earned most of my pocket money.


oyster noodles

This is the handmade oyster mee sua.It actually taste a lot like shark fin, texture and tastewise. A few more spoonfuls and it will taste more like mee sua.On the first look there were no oysters, but they were actually buried deep down. There were two oysters under the mee sua.


The XXL crispy fried chicken.


Very crispy and flavourfully seasoned.


soyabean milk

And soy bean milk to wash down everything.



  1. [...] that there is also an affordable Korean street food cafe smacked dabbed in between a Takoyaki and Shih Lin snack stall? And there are at least two shaved ice stalls nearby? Okay, enough with the questions, [...]


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