The Old School White, Fluffy and Thick Bread

white bread and kaya

These white and fluffy bread used to be the only type of bread that I eat when I was younger. These bread were typically sold plain or readily slathered with margarine and kaya (coconut milk jam).

They seem to be vanishing rapidly to make way for the commercialized, mass produced Gardenia, High 5 and the likes. Nowadays, these bread are more like novelty, and they are quite costly.

bread stall

I was driving along the streets in Muar when I saw this ahpek selling the bread. Made another turn and bought the bread along with a tub of kaya, which sets me back to almost RM5.00.

The bread doesn't really keep well as the harden the day after, so steaming or toasting them prior to consumption will be better.


  1. The bread is very cheap in Teluk Intan. I recommend Hup Foong Bakery near at the town area.

  2. I agree! Must get some before Chinese New Year.


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