Taiping Hawker Food

Taiping, the place that rains the most often, compared to the rest of Malaysia. Rains aside, they are also famous for their char kueh tiau. The hawker center next to the lake garden serves decent char kueh tiau, alongside with other equally tempting hawker fare.

Charkuetiaus aside, these lobaks are a must have. Fried tofu, fried youtiau, fried spring rolls and fried meat rolls.

Salted egg crabs and other seafood are available as well.

Fish head beehoon, a mild dish for the palate after the heaty food.

Pictures above were taken at the food court near Lake Garden during my last food excursion to Taiping.


  1. Nice pictures. Yes, taiping da best. Swimming pool is new now. Enjoy! Good work!

  2. no one believe that the best char keow teow was in aulong pasar......
    i try it and it was so delicious with wat we call wok hei....
    their wat tan hor i can say the best in tpg.....
    well the stall was in aulong pasar...stall 11.....
    nice food should share with all ppl
    good luck


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