Roast Chicken Leftovers


Roasting a whole chicken is a simple and fuss free way to enjoy the poultry. Sometimes, when I roast chicken, there are bound to be leftovers, so apart from eating the leftovers as-is, I usually dress them up a little and add the mileage of my delicious roast chicken by making:

Apple chicken salad. Diced some apples, tossed them with mayonnaise, lemon juice and crush black pepper, and top with shredded roast chicken.

salad sandwich

Apple chicken salad sandwich. Toasted two slices of bread and sandwich the salad and added lettuce for crunch. Also added mayonnaise and mustard.

chicken congee

Chicken congee. I used the roast chicken carcass for the stock to make the congee, and added in shredded chicken after the rice grains throroughly breakdown.