Pastries @ Tart & Tart

peppermint cheese tart

It was a hot late afternoon in Jonker Walk so we detoured to Tart and Tart Bakery Shop for a cold tart and a drink - peppermint cheese tart and ice blended strawberries.

chilled cheese tarts

The delectable selection of cream cheese tarts comes in many exciting flavours, such as  mango, yam, chocolate and coffee tarts. They serve pies too.

piping hot egg tarts

Equally impressive are the wide ranges of freshly baked egg tarts - Portuguese, Hawaiian, curry chicken, tuna and banana egg tarts, just to name a few.


The shop was narrow and long, typical of the old Dutch properties in that area. It was just a row of tables with a narrow aisle. Aside from modern desserts, the famous Gula Melaka cendol was available as well.

takeaway box

We also bought a box of hot tarts to take home with.

warm egg tarts

There's banana, pineapple, Portuguese and plain tarts.

pastry shop

Situated just beside Admiral Cheng Ho's museum, facing the river.