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It was a gathering of some sort between MommyC and all her sisters, so AuntieI is bringing all of us to Vietnam Kitchen for dinner. There were ten of us, so we opted for a sit down dinner and ordered dishes to go with white rice. All the dishes were quite dainty, which is a good thing because we could try more stuffs.

Stirfried mixed vegetables.

Sesame chicken in Vietnamese style. They've got star fruit slices in it.

Tofu in sauce.

braised pork meat

Braised pork meat. Melt in mouth silky pork.

lotus root

Stirfried lotus root, carrot and celery.


Squid fritters with spring onions and chilies.


Sweet and sour prawns.

pig trotters

Braised pig trotters topped with chopped peanuts.

All in all, the food was great. I expected the colourful dishes to be strong in taste but they turned out quite mild and not as spicy, particularly the sweet and sour prawn in pineapple.

After the meal, the table was cleared to make way for some dessert.


We ordered silky bean curd in syrup with dates, white fungus and raisins. The bean curd was very silky and sweet.

ice blended

This is highly recommended by my AuntieI, ice blended red bean. Very refreshing.


DaddyS' after meal coffee - Vietnamese drip coffee with condensed milk.

All in all, it was a great get together. The dinner was great, the desserts were delicious, and the service was excellent despite the dinnertime crowd. If we had come in a smaller crowd I would have insisted on trying out the pho.


  1. this aint authenticate Viet cook and more to chinese style as Viet cook is less oil and less sauce.. Vietnam has so less fat ppl compare to Malaysia. I went to Hanoi last weekend and it was wonderful..get real Viet food there!

  2. Yes, this is not an authentic Vietnamese restaurant, but a Chinese Vietnamese restaurant. Of course, everyone knows how to go to the country itself to get the original food, duh, and I see no point in comparing the amount of fat people in both nation.

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