Restoran Oversea @ Imbi

We were heading to PC Fair to check out some good deal, so DaddyS says we must have lunch here beforehand, because he wants to treat shark fin's soup.


Some tidbits to munch on while waiting for food.

roasted pork

The roasted pork came first. This is the best roasted pork that I've eaten so far. The crunchy skin, fats that melt in the mouth and juicy, tender meat, just so very good.

shark fin's soup

The main highlight of the meal is, of course crab meat shark fin's soup, drizzled with some dark vinegar.

shark fin's soup

Too blur? Never mind. Here's a spoonful of shark's fin.


Since we are here for lunch, rice is a must.


We also ordered this braised spring chicken with spices. I like the gravy.

baby french bean

Baby french bean. .

stuffed veggei and beacurd

We almost finished our lunch when this "stuffed four treasure" in soy sauce came, with apologies from the waitress because they had to do the stuffings on the spot to ensure the freshness. There were stuffed brinjals, bittergourds, chilies and beancurd sheets. The food was great and I already wish I could go and try more of the stuffs in the menu.

Restoran Oversea Sdn. Bhd. (Imbi)

84-88, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,