Green Tea Glutinous Rice Balls in Soybean Milk

Sometimes, when I get really stressed up, the urge to knead dough arise. So I made good use of the energy and made some glutinous rice balls.

I substituted water with green tea mixed with as little amount of water as possible and letting them cool off before mixing into the flour.

For the extra green tea flavour I snipped off a green tea bag and sprinkle some of the powderized green tea into the flour before kneading.

Cooked the rice balls in a boiling pot of water before dunking them into a bowl of cold water to cool the rice balls. Drained the balls and divided them into smaller bowls and pour in icy cold soybean milk.


And dessert is served.


  1. [...] Being a Cantonese, the Winter Solstice is an important date to us, as family members usually gather round to have dinner, just like the reunion dinner the day before Chinese New Year. Didn’t make any tang yuen this year, but I’ve featured tang yuen in the blog before. Click here to view green tea rice balls in soybean milk. [...]


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