Dae Jang Gum


This is my post final exam treat. We were really glad that it was over, that we went all out to celebrate. The mascot of this place is the female protagonist in Korean series Jewel in The Palace, Da Chang Jin.

bbq pork

We opted for pork, on the safe side, and the waitress came to cook the meat for us all thoroughly.


Fresh lettuce.

beancurd soup

Spicy bean curd soup.

side dishes

A table full of side dishes, all refillable. Here are some close up shots of the side dishes.

anchovies and peanut

Fried anchovies and peanut.




Braised eggs.


Bean sprouts.

chili garlic

Green chili cuts and garlic.

salt and bean paste

Salt and bean paste dippings.


It was good experience, even when we have some communication problem with the server. Price is on the expensive side though, and the place is kinda empty when we were there, which is on a weekday dinnertime.


  1. Hey I know this place! but its now closed however which waitress were u talking about? I know them all too =)


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