Colourful Rice

This organic vegetarian mart has been operating for quite some time in Bukit Beruang. Although most of the time I only drop by to get some raw organic food, this time round, SquareCookie and I dropped by for lunch to try out the organic meals offered there.

They have a menu offering different types of rice everyday of the week as well as a selection of healthy noodles, among which I remembered were seaweed and kelp noodles, ash noodles and some other organic sounding selections. They also serve organic dimsum, hehe.

Since it was lunch we decided on having the rice.

wild rice

This is my wild rice in nice shades of purple, served with a side of curried vegetables, shredded lettuce and another tofu dish.

pumpkin rice

SquareCookie's pumpkin rice, also served with tofu, shredded cucumber and lettuce, and some curried vegetables.


The rice comes together with a complimentary bowl of soup.

five grain dessert

This five grain dessert is full of wholesome goodness, and very milky as well.

A cuppa lemon tea after the meal.

I've gotten myself some frozen five grain mantous, and they are to be steamed to be eaten. This place is a well stocked organic mart, and business is bustling.