Supper @ Teluk Gong Coconut Flower Garden

We arrived in Klang quite late last Friday, so we went so supper instead of dinner. DaddyS insisted that we must try out a curried vermicelli dish at place in Teluk Gong, but since it was quite late when we arrived, the shop was closed and so we settled down in Coconut Flower Garden instead.

This was my first time in Teluk Gong, and I must say that Coconut Flower Garden is very huge. There are just tables in every nook and corner.

lala beehoon

Since it was supper, we opted for some noodles instead of rice. For starters, we ordered a stirfried vermicelli with mussel, or we say, beehoon lala.

lala beehoon


We also had ochien, which is basically oyster omelette. The omelette was fried with eggs and some starch.

baby squid

This deep fried baby squid in batter is so crunchy, that it can pass as snacks instead of a dish.

That's supper for us. All the food arrived quite fast, and tasted good. I hope I could return for a proper seafood meal sometime.
Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant,
702, Jalan Udang Galah,
Kampong Teluk Gong,
42000 Port Klang, Selangor.
Tel: 03-31341218