Strawberries and Strawberry Products at Brinchang Market


Strawberries are Cameron Highland's most popular product. The is a whole strawberry based industry and it is a thriving one. Some farms even offer to let you pick your own strawberries for a price.


Strawberries could be seen selling anywhere, from the farms to the souvenir shops, and of course the Brinchang market.

Aside from fresh strawberries there were also dried strawberries. Which were sweter, as they were preserved with sugar. Strawberry products such as strawberry jam, strawberry shakes and strawberry teas are sold almost everywhere.


Strawberry tarts and strawberry cupcake. This stall selling strawberry pastries is located in Brinchang Market, although I have seen a few strawberry farms selling the same delicacies.

strawberry tarts

We bought half a dozen for RM10.00. The crunchy, yet crumbly pastry and the strawberry fillings complements each other very well. The texture of the fruit in the filling is apparent, as it wasn't totally pureed.

Brinchang Market, Cameron Highland, Pahang