Sitiawan Gong Pian

If you ever pass by Sitiawan, this is a must have. Don't be deceived by its humble packaging and ordinary looks. Tourists and local alike flock to the shop to buy this local delicacy. Indeed it is selling like hot cakes, or rather, hot biscuits. We have the pleasure of documenting the whole making process, since the owner told us they have sold all the previous batches and are making another new batch.

This particular shop is situated right beside Courts Mammoth, and by the look of it, is rather popular. I was the first customer awaiting the first batch, after which another dozen of people flock to join the queue, ordering almost fifty biscuits per person.

These are the filled biscuits. There are two types of filling, which consist of onions, and onions with meat.

This is the onion fillings. There are other things as well, which I couldn't tell what they are. Unfortunately, the meat fillings are too far away to be photographed.

The biscuits that looked like dumpling in the previous pictures are flattened before they are baked.

The biscuits are then plastered onto the walls of the urn, where they are cooked, almost like the process of making naans.

This man is catching the biscuits after they are done.

After which the biscuits are promptly displayed in a glass display, before being sold off. It took almost 30 minutes for the whole process, and we kinda baked ourselves in the process to take the pictures. I didn't really get a nice picture of the end product due to the fact that they were eaten before I could do so.

As the shopowner suggest, it is best to buy just enough for immediate consumption, because this biscuit does not taste as good after being left for awhile.