Watercress Valley @ Cameron Highland

Cameron Highland is dotted with many farms growing vegetables, fruits and flowers. Recent years, some of the farms diversified and opened up cafes, restaurants and market to attract visitors. Watercress Valley, which grows watercress and strawberries has an attached restaurant that offers watercress themed meals such as charcoal steamboats, stirfry and barbecue. 

The stretch of watercress terrain as far as eyes could see.

Stir fried watercress with shrimp paste (sambal belacan). This is the first time I eat stir fried watercress, because most of the time watercress was cooked in soup. 

Meat dumplings in watercress soup.

We were in a hurry to leave before the sky turn dark, so we ordered a few cooked dishes and finished it up quickly. Apart from sambal belacan stir fry, the place also serves watercress stir fried in numerous ways, curry dishes and fried rice, noodles and the likes, along with their steamboat.

Its a pity that I didn't get to sample their charcoal fire steamboat. By the time we finished our dinner, the sky was blanketed with fog. It was so cold that we were shivering nonstop. The drive downhill was a a bit on the scary side due to the fog.

Water Cress Valley - Lee and Chiew Farm Restaurant
Lot UT/KF/F 160, Jalan Besar, Batu 44,
39100, Tringkap, Pahang.
Tel: 605-4854329
Cameron Highland, Pahang


  1. Hi, i will to booking a room on dec 2009, pls call me HP 012 6582350.

  2. can i get ur contact no...our family decide plan holiday at water cress valley....thanks.

  3. Have been ripped off having dinner steamboat here. The restaurant operator was not honest and misled us on the price when showing us the food to pick. If you are thinking of steamboat, my advice is to stay away from this food and eat at Brinchang instead. Food not fresh except vege.


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