We *heart* Nandos Peri Peri Chicken


We *heart* Nandos peri peri chicken. Yes we do, MZ, SquareCookie and I. This is actually the number 1 place that we dine in during weekends. Secret Recipe was a once in awhile affair but, Nandos we must have.


We just love perfectly grilled chicken in peri peri sauce with their side dish. While there are a few to choose from I usually pick only the rice, coleslaw, peri chips, and occasionally the corn on cob.


Between lemon and herb, mild, hot and extra hot flavour, its almost always mild or hot for me. The extra hot flavour was good but its just too tongue numbing for me to savour the chicken properly.


As usual, we must have the peri soup and bread to share among us. Free flow bread are just great.


This is how I like the soup - mixed with a spoonful of garlic peri peri sauce for the extra zing.